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Looking for discount flooring in Houston?

As one of the top flooring stores in Houston, we–at Ultimate Floors–know a thing or two about flooring solutions. And we’re here to guide you on your flooring projects and how to ensure the job is done correctly and on your budget.

Now, when people take on projects in their homes, it’s easy to overlook your floors because your eyes are fixed on other things. Maybe it’s the color of your walls. Perhaps it’s your decor throughout your living room and kitchen. It could even be your bathroom vanity or your vast plexiglass doors opening up onto your backyard or balcony.

But as homeowners, we’re permanently in contact with our floors. Unless we’re lying in bed or in the shower. Furthermore, floors are realistically always somewhere in our line of view. And they tie the overall aesthetic of a home together. One can even say that your flooring sets the entire tone for the rest of your house’s design, mood, and functionality.

So, when you’re embarking on a home renovation project focused on your flooring, you should put in the research. There are plenty of options to choose from, varying in style, quality, and price. You want to be sure the correct decision is made because it’s not financially sound to keep replacing your flooring. In fact, you may as well flush your money down the toilet if you don’t like the floors you end up purchasing.

When you’re done scouring all the flooring options in Houston, and you’ve made your final decision, you’ll be amazed at the impact on your quality of life. For instance, the style of floor you choose could be easier (or harder) to maintain and keep clean. It might even cause or reduce allergy symptoms.

With the above factors in mind, read on as your Houston flooring authority at  Ultimate Floors guides you through the best flooring project practices.

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The Importance of Finding the Best Houston Flooring Solution

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There’s a need for due diligence when finding the best possible Houston flooring solution, and here are the reasons why:


It Starts with Mood and Aesthetics. 


Depending on the eventual choice in your floor, a room can be made to appear cozier, sleeker, more welcoming, or even a bit sterile. 


As is the case in the rest of life, there’s more to flooring than just looks. It impacts your feelings and mood. 


For one, aesthetics have a direct impact on our state of mind. Plus, there’s the effect flooring has on your physical well-being. Namely, many homeowners–and their family members–deal with allergies or are very sensitive to indoor air quality. 


These individuals need to put in the extra work to decide the best Houston flooring solution for their living space. Because there are options out there which are ideal for staving off allergen (e.g., dust, dander) buildup. And some options could make it all worse–you want to avoid those at all costs.

Increasing the Resale Value of Your Home

Also, your choice of flooring can vastly bolster the value of your home. While hardwood typically generates the most return on investment, not everyone has the money upfront for such a Houston flooring option. 

You might not even like hardwood as a design choice. Even if you intend to sell your home down the line, you still have to live there for now, and you should enjoy the space. As such, it’s good to know that alternatives to hardwood, such as expertly installed laminate or SPC flooring, can positively impact the value of your home. 

While SPC and laminate flooring of old wasn’t much known for immense resale value, the technologies involved have evolved in recent years. Thus, new designs in SPC and laminate exist that make it the ideal Houston flooring choice throughout neighborhoods across the city.

Yes–laminate might not be as high-end as hardwood, but it’s far preferred over carpet in 2022. And a high-quality laminate or SPC purchased from a Houston flooring shop like ours will be appealing to many homebuyers. SPC, in particular, can be shaped to resemble hardwood if you happen to like its appearance but can’t afford the high prices. 


How Can You Choose the Best Houston Flooring Solution?

Okay. Let’s set the scene. You’ve reached the point of homeownership where you need to change your flooring. It could be in one room, or it could be throughout the whole house. Either way, we’d be lying if we didn’t say you have–at least–some work cut out for you. 


Here’s a list of considerations and tasks you’ll need to manage:


Determining Your Budget


You can surmise that shelling out an absolute fortune for Houston flooring will likely yield pretty solid aesthetic results. 


But even a billionaire oil tycoon will work within a budget. Throwing caution–and money–to the wind is bound to cause some long-term financial heartache.


Then you’ve got to balance your budget and financial boundaries with quality. Determine what you’re willing to spend, and don’t go past that dollar amount. Having that limit in place will be the foundation of the rest of your Houston flooring research.


You should categorize and list out the different types of flooring from there, where you can research varying levels of quality. 

Think About Your Lifestyle and the Activity in Your Home

What is life like in your home?

Are you the lone resident of your abode?  And are you pretty laid back, spending your leisure time watching the Texans and Astros every night, depending on the time of year?

Or, are things much more busy in your dwelling? Do you have a family or roommates, or are you constantly hosting guests that move around your house as though it were a railway station?

The answers to these questions will shape much of your final decision on your Houston flooring solution. 

Specifically, provided your home deals with heavy foot traffic, you’ll need Houston flooring products and solutions that have significant lasting power and durability. And you’ll want a floor that doesn’t require backbreaking labor to keep clean. 

Factors to Consider for Your Houston Flooring Decision

Here are some scattered points you should mull over during the flooring research process:

  • While wood flooring simplifies cleaning up animal accidents and food/drink spillage, softer laminate wood flooring is vulnerable to being dented by falling objects. Conversely, SPC floors–for instance–tend to be scuff, dent, and scratch-resistant–more than up to the challenge of heavy-traffic households. 

  • We already brought up allergies–but we’ll double down on the topic. Carpets are harbingers of dust, mites, pet dander, and various molds. Hardwood is second-to-none when it comes to hypoallergenic flooring options. But our SPC and laminate Houston flooring options are more affordable and offer their own hypoallergenic qualities.

  • Be open to alternatives–you might think your best Houston flooring solutions are the high-end options of the day. Namely, buying hardwood for common areas in your home and tiles for your bathroom and kitchen might seem the only choice. But alternatives like SPC, laminate, and even cork flooring are long-lasting, insulating, and hypoallergenic, making them viable options for your common areas. As for your washrooms, vinyl flooring–such as SPC–can withstand the moisture that builds up in these spaces.

Tips and Tricks for Finding Your Houston Flooring Solutions on a Budget

Look–full disclosure, we want you to shop with us. That’s how we stay profitable and productive, and it’s how we best serve our community.

But we’re also in the business of providing discount flooring Houston residents need. And with that comes a responsibility to help save our friends, family, and neighbors money wherever we can.

On the above note, we’ll explain tips and tricks to get the most out of your existing floors, so you don’t need to spend more than is necessary on your Houston flooring solution:

Mark Up Your Scratched Floors

Over time, your existing flooring–if it’s not carpet–is bound to get dinged, dented, and scratched. That’s as set-in-stone a reality as death and taxes. It’s unavoidable. And sure–in some instances, those blemishes offer a bit of texture and a rustic feel that aids your home’s overall aesthetic. But everything has its limits.

As such, using a felt marker that matches your floor color can cover up tiny scratches on the surface. In fact, many manufactures offer color-blended filler for grooves and chips in their hardwood floors. 

Pull Out Your DIY Toolkit

When your floors are badly worn or damaged to the point of making you sad whenever you look down at your feet, they must be refinished. However, it’s possible to lessen some wear and damage by lightly sanding or buffing the surface followed by staining it. 

Remember, though, the above process could get tricky when dealing with engineered-wood floors because of their thin veneers.

Keeping Up with Standard Maintenance

As your Houston flooring experts, we know a thing or two about maintaining your floors for as long as humanly possible. Sure, this might not be to our immediate benefit because it won’t lead to a direct sale. But we want our customers–past, future, and present–to get the most out of their flooring.

So, follow the maintenance tips below:

  • Provided you have hard floors, use a soft-bristle broom.
  • When vacuuming your flooring, don’t use the beater brush–it will scratch your floors up.
  • Use a soft towel to clean up any spills–and don’t hesitate. Any mess should be sopped up immediately then dried quickly afterward.
  • Water destroys hardwood floors.
  • Note that any floors covered in polyurethane require a damp mop for cleaning.

Replacing When it’s Absolutely Necessary

You can do all the maintenance in the world. But there comes the point when your flooring is too worn and damaged to live with.

Even then, you don’t need to replace everything–unless you want to. Provided the flooring in your living room or bedroom is falling apart, hire your chosen Houston flooring specialist for those specific spaces.

On the other hand, sometimes, it comes down to your personal preference. You plainly might not like your flooring anymore–even if it’s in perfect condition. In which case, as long as it makes financial sense, you should make the necessary changes wherever you wish around your home.

Educate Yourself By Asking the Right Questions

Are you about to purchase laminate, SPC, hardwood, or any other type of flooring? Then you should ask the following questions before choosing your Houston flooring solution:

  • Where will your flooring go?
    • Be sure to learn about the Abrasion Class (AC) ratings for your laminates. Doing so allows you to choose the best option for your specific rooms/spaces and lifestyle. 

  • What flooring will you be choosing?
    • Whether laminate, SPC, or anything else, you’ve got a lot to choose from product-wise. Don’t settle on something you don’t truly want. Take your time, and find the color, design, and style that suits your tastes and needs.

  • Why are you purchasing your flooring?
    • There are seemingly endless reasons to purchase SPC or laminate flooring. They’re hypoallergenic, making them ideal for homes with children and furry animals. Plus–laminate and SPC are both far more affordable than hardwood.

  • When will you get your new floor installed?
    • Floor installation is an intensive process that can chew up your schedule. As such, you’ll need to make time for the floor’s delivery, installation, and acclimatization. Make room in your calendar accordingly. Although it’s worth noting, SPC flooring is one of the easier DIY projects out there.

  • Who’s going to install your floor?
    • Are you going to DIY the installation of your SPC or laminate Houston flooring? Or are you going to go for the less stressful option and hire a professional?

Diving into SPC Houston Flooring

We’ve made several references to SPC flooring, but we haven’t gone into great detail about what they are exactly.

First and foremost, this type of flooring is our bread and butter at Ultimate Floors–the solution for discount flooring Houston residents have come to rely upon. 

So, it’s important to us that you’ll know exactly what you’re getting by traveling the SPC route with your Houston flooring solution. 

What is SPC Flooring?

First off, SPC stands for stone plastic composite. It’s comprised of multiple materials, all different to laminate (which we’ll discuss later). 

SPC is known for being waterproof, a trait further aided by its trademark Silica core. 

Why Should You Choose SPC Flooring?

Here’s a list of reasons why SPC might be the ideal Houston flooring solution for you:


It’s Very Similar to Laminate


Do you like the hardwood aesthetic but don’t have the budget to suit your tastes? Well, SPC can be designed to look like real wood.


To make the wood appearance more true to life, SPC surfaces can be:


  • Hand-scraped
  • Distressed
  • Covered with knots and wormholes that appear authentic and organic

Better yet, when choosing SPC as your Houston flooring option, it can be made to resemble anything you want. Whether you prefer polished marble, faded slate, laminate, real wood, tile, etc., SPC can be transformed accordingly.


SPC’s Shape is Versatile


SPC is highly resilient and working with it is a breeze. It can be cut to fit precise specifications, no matter how small or intricate the layout. And SPC can be laid out in various designs and aesthetic styles.


SPC Hangs Tough for a Long Time


One of the main reasons SPC is a top Houston flooring solution is its toughness. This durability stems from SPC’s hydraulically pressed plastic construction.


The state-of-the-art technology used in SPC flooring helps it hold up in the face of even the most intensive foot traffic. You could have a family of seven rambunctious children that never stop running around, combined with active pets. And our SPC Houston flooring solution will hang tough, resisting all manner of wear and tear.


SPC is Easy to  Clean


Who wants floors that require multiple hours per week to clean and maintain? We’re willing to bet that most homeowners would prefer to avoid the extra work. Life is already hectic enough without needing to set aside huge chunks of your schedule for vacuuming and scrubbing on your hands and knees.


Fortunately, SPC only requires a Swiffer sweeper or vacuum to clean.


SPC is Usually Soundproof and Waterproof


SPC, on its own, isn’t soundproof or waterproof. But installing an underlayment takes care of that problem, offering a sound buffer and moisture barrier.


As your number-one Houston flooring solution provider, Ultimate Floors offers many SPC lines with pre-installed underlayment, drastically streamlining the installation process.


SPC Offers Top-Notch Quality


While laminate floors are a great option for homeowners, SPC offers 20-times more impact resistance in comparison. And SPC is 10-times more impact-resistant than wood composite core (WPC) flooring.


On top of that, SPC offers exponentially more water and fire resistance than its laminate and WPC counterparts.


SPC Offers a Seamless User Experience


As far as Houston flooring solutions go, it doesn’t get much easier than SPC products.


With installation, user-friendliness is front and center, as SPC can be scored with a razor–meaning, a saw isn’t required during installation. Additionally, the click technology found in SPC eliminates most of the room for error, making it ideal for a relatively relaxed DIY project.


Additionally, SPC planks can be installed over–essentially–any hard surface. 


For the above reasons and many more, SPC is the perfect Houston flooring solution for bathrooms and kitchens alike.

Disclaimer: Laminate Flooring is Still an Ideal Solution

While we’re happy to sing the praises of SPC flooring all day, that does not discount the overall quality of our laminate Houston flooring solutions. 

For instance, our European Collection of laminate flooring offers a classic look rooted in old-world style and tradition. If you dig into this collection, you’ll find elegant pieces engineered to replicate the gorgeous, natural aesthetic of European luxury and design.

Another example is our Crystal Collection, famous for its diverse tones such as bleached cools and rich warms. There’s also the trademark V-Groove easy-click connection and a 25-year warranty that makes this gorgeous connection tough to pass up. 

These are just two examples of our exceptional laminate selection. But we don’t just provide flooring–there are also accessories to go along with it.

Also, learn about our SPC collection by clicking here. We’ve got plenty to choose from, such as our Country collection, Legacy SPC, and Thai, to name just a few. Plus, we have a wide selection of accessories for our SPC collections.

About Ultimate Floors

At Ultimate Floors, we manufacture and supply 100% water-proof vinyl and laminate Houston flooring products. 

We also design and sell 80-plus colors and flooring specifications. Most impressive is that Ultimate Floors owns the largest warehouse of laminates, SPC vinyl, LVT, flooring accessories, and moldings around. We’re your one-stop shop for your home flooring project, from beginning to end. 

At Ultimate Floors, we have a team of thoroughly trained experts who can help you find the Houston flooring solution you’ve always wanted. Our people will work within your budget, keeping your specific preferences in mind to help you find the product that best suits your lifestyle.

Plus, we back the quality of our products with warranties that last anywhere between 10 and 35 years. 

Speaking of standing the test of time, Ultimate Floors has been around for 15-plus years, delivering top-notch materials and extensive, attentive consultations. These factors have made us the go-to store for Discount Flooring Houston residents have come to know and love.

Now That You’re Well Informed, It’s Time for the Next Step

This helpful Houston flooring guide has given you the necessary knowledge to enter the next stage of your purchasing journey.

And remember, there’s no need to rush. Your floors will be around for a long time, and you don’t want to be stuck with something you bought based on a snap judgment.

Fortunately, our team of Houston flooring experts is more than happy to answer all of your questions and help guide you even further on your purchasing journey. So, contact us today, and take the next step in your Houston flooring journey. We look forward to hearing from you!